Black Dog Biogas and Bright Light Energy

Renewable Energy

  • Based on the Isle of Wight, the Company owns and operates an anaerobic digestion plant which produces biogas that is used to produce electricity via its combined heat and power units. The site had an original capacity of 0.5MW but the team more than doubled its size by adding an additional 0.64 MW combined heat and power unit.

  • The plant produces electricity in a process where organic materials, such as maize and grass, is broken down by naturally occurring microbes to produce biogas. The feedstock is 100% sourced from the Isle of Wight in partnership with local farmers. In addition to biogas, the plant also produces a nutrient-rich digestate, a bioproduct of the anaerobic digestion process that is spread back onto farmland on the Isle of Wight and helps to grow more crops for both the Black Dog facility and for other uses. This helps support a circular economy on the Island and avoids the use of carbon-intensive fertilisers.

  • The electricity produced is sold both to the local grid, where it produces enough power for over 1,200 homes.

Technology IP
  • The site comprises of an MT Energie designed plant with two digester tanks and a digestate storage tank running on established technology. The site has been upgraded post-construction with an additional CHP engine, additional digestate dryer, additional drainage capacity and a digestate separator

Market Opportunity
  • Develop, own and operate anaerobic digestion plants with government-backed and index-linked Renewable Energy Certificates (ROCs) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) revenues


Black Dog Biogas provides renewable energy for the Vestas factory on the Isle of Wight
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