Sustainable Energy Holdings Ltd (SEHL)

Energy Efficiency – innovative UK-based bioenergy generation company

Sustainable Energy Holdings Ltd (SEHL) infographic

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Sustainable Energy Holdings Ltd (SEHL) infographic
  • Low-carbon bioenergy generation assets
  • Formed through a merger of four ECL portfolio companies
  • Benefiting from a single dedicated management team
  • Focused on operational performance & consolidation of financial and commercial functions
Enabling Technology
  • Generating 3.89 MW of base load renewable energy, enough to power 9,000 homes
  • Avoided emissions of 5,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide
  • Technology-led efficiency and asset management
  • Performance improvements via additions to the asset base through a buy and build strategy
  • Acquisition and development of new plants and improvement of existing assets
  • Install biomass briquette joint venture to produce substitute logs
  • On-site opportunities to provide electricity and heat to local industrial estate customers
Global Growth - Market Opportunity
  • Bioenenergy output is increasingly important in a volatile market dominated by wind and solar
  • Pipeline of opportunities to expand the portfolio through the addition of high-potential assets creating a scalable bioenergy company
  • Furthering the UK's ambition to reach Net Zero by 2050
  • Potential for future deployment outside of the UK
Portfolio image for Sustainable Energy Holdings Ltd (SEHL)


Portfolio image for Sustainable Energy Holdings Ltd (SEHL)