Earth Capital portfolio company Propelair® reduces risk of COVID-19 as UK returns to work

Date published: Wednesday, 24 June 2020


  • Researchers highlight COVID-19 threat posed by traditionally-equipped bathrooms
  • British-manufactured toilet has been proved to reduce airborne germs by 95%
  • Protection from infectious disease a key concern as economy restarts

Earth Capital Limited “EC” is pleased to provide an update on Propelair®, the hygienic, water-saving, UK-manufactured toilet, currently reducing the spread of COVID-19 – and saving water – in offices, service stations and restaurants as the nation bounces back from lockdown. The company is a key shareholding of the Nobel Sustainability Fund®.

Propelair’s patented toilet technology suppresses airborne germs, saves water and limits carbon emissions. Propelair is working with businesses eager to curb the washroom infection risk caused by their obsolete conventional flush systems.

Scientific research published last week in Physics of Fluids found that standard toilets produce a “massive upward transport of virus particles … with 40%–60% of particles reaching above the toilet seat, leading to large-scale virus spread” when flushed. The authors noted that blocking the path of transmission, particularly common in toilet usage, is of fundamental importance to suppress the spread of viruses such as COVID-19.

Using just 1.5 litres of water and a high-speed jet of air, Propelair leaves the pan super-clean with one no-touch flush. Its distinctive air-sealed action locks aerosolised germs and with its SteriTouch® handle, minimises infection risk. A study by the Centre for Research into Environment and Health (CREH) found Propelair reduced aerosolised bacteria by 95%.

Gordon Power, Chief Investment Officer, Earth Capital Limited, said: “We need a much greater proportion of cutting-edge companies like Propelair®, that persevere to make our lives safer, more sustainable and efficient.  The pandemic has been a stress test for us all, but throughout all of this, it’s interesting to see evidence emerge of impact strategies being among the most resilient in the investment world.  It’s incumbent on all asset owners and investors to move with the times and mobilise more capital toward fast-growing, international enterprises that are better able to help us withstand the tough challenges our planet and society face now and in the future.”

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