Earth Capital portfolio company Propelair installed in Shell’s first-ever EV charging hub.

Date published: Monday, 21 February 2022


Earth Capital are pleased to announce that Shell has installed Propelair’s water and energy-saving toilets in their first UK forecourt dedicated to electric vehicle charging.  

This is a global pilot, part of Shell’s commercial decarbonisation strategy, with petrol and diesel pumps replaced with ultra-rapid charge points which can charge most vehicles within ten minutes. The innovative EV charging hub features eco-friendly designs including a timber canopy with built-in solar panels and double glazed windows. 

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Propelair’s innovative solution uses on average 84% less water than standard models, by using a high-speed jet of air to propel just 1.5 litres per flush into existing drains, compared to an average of 9 litres per flush for conventional toilets. As well as enabling a superior flush and massive water savings, it saves money, reduces water processing (thereby saving carbon) and is quick to refill which supports the commercial locations for which they are designed. Propelair’s design is also more hygienic than a conventional toilet through its closed-lid flush and anti-microbial handle reducing aerosolised germs, including COVID-19, by 95 per cent.  

Shell is part of a growing list of over 200 commercial and public-sector customers including shopping centres, universities, restaurants and banks, collectively saving nearly 1 billion litres a year – enough to fill about 350 Olympic-sized swimming pools – while benefiting from enhanced green credentials. 

Avent Bezuidenhoudt, Head of Investment at Earth Capital, said: “Earth Capital are delighted to continue supporting Propelair in its drive to reduce water waste, lower carbon emissions and improve hygiene. David and his team are leading the way in innovation and continuous product improvement.”  

David Hollander, CEO of Propelair, said: “We’re very pleased Shell has taken our innovative technology to EV drivers. Our technology saves water immediately – gains that continue to accumulate by the day, year on year. With the technical innovations we’re working on, those savings will be even greater.” 



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