Ace Aquatec

Food - Aquaculture company specialising in welfare-first industrial IoT technologies

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Product & Key Markets
  • Award-winning humane stunners for welfare-first harvesting and processing

  • AI powered image recognition cameras that track fish and calculate fish weights underwater improving smart farming practices

  • Marine mammal protection systems to create safe zones used by top five global offshore wind construction companies

  • Chemical-free, low stress, high welfare, sea lice treatment system

  • IoT connectivity on each device for capturing data and insights across the production lifecycle accessed via online portal

Technology IP & Validation
  • Highly innovative IP portfolio underpinned by patents in multiple global markets

  • Welfare-first stunning technology independently verified by Stirling University and endorsed by leading UK supermarkets, EU regulators, Compassion in World Farming, Humane Slaughter Association & Aquaculture Sustainability Council (ASC)

  • The only academically validated marine mammal protection systems on the market for fish, seals, porpoises, or turtles approved by JNCC

  • Winner of eight industry awards and the Queens Award for Innovation

 Global Growth - Market Potential
  • Strong macro fundamentals given world demand for protein, wild fish stocks in decline, regulatory tailwinds, and rapid adoption of IoT technologies

  • Aquaculture emits 12x less co2 than on land farming, helping to answer the global demand for cost-effective and sustainable animal proteins

  • Precision Aquaculture market will be worth $933bn by 2028 and growing at 13.4% CAGR with poor fish welfare costing the industry $4.6 billion per year.

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