Energy Efficiency – The world's most high-performing and energy efficient data storage solutions

Softiron advantages
Product & Key Markets
  • Storage appliances and media transcoding for datacentres: low energy (80%+ savings), high throughput, high data density and low cost
  • £70+bn global market: on & off-premise cloud
  • Open-source software-defined storage platforms on Ceph and Openstack
Enabling Technology
  • ARM64 and x86 based technology. Systems engineered design; low energy, high throughput
  • Reliability and lifetime benefits at resulting lower temperatures.
Technology IP & Validation
  • Patents in multiple global markets
  • Tested by major university high performance computing centre
  • Partnerships ARM, AMD, SUSE, Inabata, Socionext
  • Commercial deployment in multiple geographies with government, military and blue chip clients
Global Growth - Market Potential
  • Currently deploying across the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand
  • Office locations in the USA, UK, Czech Republic, Germany, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand
  • Large market potential for China version (large growing market) and other markets in Asia
Portfolio image for SoftIron


Portfolio image for SoftIron